Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pick the Right Pot for the Right Spot

Are you as confused as I am when choosing a container for your garden or patio? I never know if I should go for the lightweight option or maybe classic cast stone. With so many choices out there, I decided to check in with our good friend and garden designer Jon Carloftis about selecting the perfect container for my yard.
According to Jon, containers come in a variety of materials including terra cotta, cast stone, and cast iron to brightly glazed pottery and lightweight polyethylene. He says selecting the perfect container depends on personal taste, needs, and affordability. Here are some of his tips for picking the right pot for the right spot.

American Traditional
Cast stone is the traditional material for American decorative garden containers and gives you an immediate look of classic antiquity. Sustainable and durable, they replicate the look of hand-carved stone or marble but at a much more affordable price. “Cast stone containers make a strong focal point for your garden and entranceway,” says Carloftis. “I like to have something tall and elegant in the center surrounded by something shorter.”

Terra Cotta containers, a classic feature of Mediterranean gardens, are now affordable enough for every garden. This natural earthen material, which ages to a lovely patina, is timeless and looks good almost anywhere. Terra cotta is perfect for veggies and herbs because the porous material “breathes” and improves heartiness. These classic clay pots come in a wide variety of quality and prices for every budget.


Make a powerful fashion statement and transform a staid garden setting into an eye-catching landscape with glazed pottery in bold color and artistic designs. Vibrant colors from classic black to rich earth tones or two-toned glazes provide style and contrast especially when positioned with other pieces, such as cast stone, or as a focal point nestled in a garden bed.

Lite & Carefree

For those who want lightweight and flexible features, polyethylene and fiberglass containers are excellent choices. “You won’t compromise style or attractiveness with upscale look-alikes,” he says. Check out Campania International's Lite pots, which replicate the look of terra cotta, cast stone, iron, or lead that you have to touch them to know they aren’t the real thing. They are easy to move and are perfect for apartments or decks.

Classic Beauties

Except in the severest climate, cast iron containers offer gardeners high strength and durability. A classic material for urn shapes, cast iron is especially appropriate for those who wish to create an historical or traditional look.

Now you have all the options that you need for selecting that perfect container to transform your patio, deck or outdoor space!

Photo Credit: Campania International



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