Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recovering from a Wicked Winter - APLD Give Advice in Wall Street Journal article

Wall Street Journal Wendy Bounds shot me an email a few weeks ago asking for some help on a piece she was doing on "how homeowners need a “Winter Recovery Plan” after this terrible winter that has left yards, gardens and homes a mess."

Of course, we jumped to work again with Wendy, one of my favorite writers, and offer her our experts from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers ( and even our own Kathleen Hassinger, who had suffered from "ice dams" that built up this winter, twisting new gutters 'like a piece of tinfoil' and damaging the slate roof her at her 100-year old home in Wynnewood, Pa (as pictured).

Wendy says, "After a season of record snowfalls and lengthy cold spells in many parts of the country, homeowners are finding their houses and landscapes unusually battered. Blizzards, wind and errant snowplows have conspired to make this spring one of long recovery, leading to an early sales uptick for the yard and home-repair industry."

From broken limbs and grass mold to termites and leaking roofs, she report in this piece about a variety of winter damage and how to solve them. Read the full story in today's Wall Street Journal and watch the video interview.

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