Friday, February 18, 2011

A Touch of Spring...

So today here in the Philadelphia area we are supposed to reach almost 70 degrees! can this be when I still have many mounds of snow in my backyard! Not that I am complaining. I am grateful for the 'time out' from the cold.

Honestly, I'm getting tired of wearing layers. I believe that the average person was not meant to drive with many layers on while also sporting a thick winter coat. I can't move and the thought of having to change lanes makes me fear putting my back out! Just try maneuvering in your seat with all that clothing AND a seat belt while trying to check for traffic over your shoulder...come on...we've all been there. Usually at that time I lose it and swear that I am going to move to a warmer climate!

We all need this break. It helps to clear our heads and brings about the urge to get out in the garden and PLANT! ANYTHING! Just a short break from the bone-chilling cold can fill you with the anticipation of getting out in your garden. Why not take this much-needed break and start planning? From flipping through endless catalogs to seeing the perfectly photographed gardens in publications like Martha Stewart, Garden Design and Better Homes & Gardens the possibilities for your very own garden are endless.

I, personally, can't wait to get out my folder filled with all my ripped out magazine pages and stroll through them and picture my own version in my backyard.

This is my first spring in our new house and I feel like I have been blessed with a clean slate...unfortunately right now it is still covered with SNOW. Oh well...but I can still dream of Spring...only 30 days and just over 7 hours to will be here before we know it!


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Unknown said...

Have the exact same feeling here in NJ. I am on planning overload and have drawn quite a few sketches here at work already. Bring it on!