Thursday, January 06, 2011

MANTS: The Masterpiece of Trade Shows

What fun! We headed out Wednesday to Baltimore, MD to attend MANTS 2011 (The Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show).

Boasting a tagline: The Masterpiece of Trade Shows, MANTS truly lives up to its vaulted reputation for delivering a great show year after year.

Row after row of booths filled with new plant material and garden and industry products filled the massive hall. Our eyes were bedazzled...the siren call of "look at me" guided my steps to booths filled with aromas of pungent pines and heady perennials. I became light-headed with rapturous joy.

We dropped by our clients' booths: Brigg Plant Propagators, Campania International, The Organic Mechanics Soil Company and American Beauties Native Plants for a look-see and chatty conversations.

Check out the latest Campania's mini fountains and colorful new containers! I want them all!

The native plants at the North Creek Nurseries booth, part of the American Beauties Native Plants collection were gorgeous and were igniting quite a bit of buzz.

Here's the Briggs Plant Propagators booth with their new pink blueberry- 'Pink Lemonade' displayed. This beauty delivers four seasons of color and yummy fruit! And their new, white Japanese forest grass: Fubuki is stunning.

But I'll let some of our photos tell the story. Always a pleasure; always an opportunity to be dazzled with all that's cool and wonderful within this awesome industry. Plants Rule!!

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