Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving cometh! Or how to avoid inevitable food coma

The clock's ticking and the countdown's on. [Cue song] 'Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go'... (or not)

Thanksgiving is upon us and our uniquely American heritage is celebrated with national feasting, football and parades. Millions of stomach's balloon out to medium-sized melons as we all bask in the afterglow of food coma. (Fortunately, this phenomenon occurs universally across our nation, so we do not have to fear tipping the earth in one direction.)

Whether you're hosting and preparing a full-course meal or traveling to relatives or friends and bringing a side dish, there's Martha to the rescue. Yay! Food to die for (um, perhaps I should change it up) food to "drool" for, as we enter into the hallowed halls of our annual food comatitus.
(Now, Martha, your recipes are amazing. Always. But I have a coveted recipe for pickled peaches that is truly a masterful melange of tastes, and has been a family "secret" recipe for years. But I can be bought.) Just saying...

Panic not, oh weary, stressed-out turkey basters. Martha's tried-and-true last minute suggestions have arrived. And if that doesn't work, buy some bakery treat, throw flour on your face and greet your guests (or grandmom) with a martyr's smile.. "Oh, this little thing... nothing to it!"

Hey everyone... Happy Thanksgiving!!


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