Friday, November 05, 2010

New Urbanism on the rise

Holy, Leave it to Beaver, Batman! Some may believe that it's a look back to the future, but the bubbling trend of "New Urbanism" (sustainable urban communities that offer convenient places to enjoy an urban lifestyle) - is definitely on the rise.

New Urbanisn encourages both restoration of existing buildings and homes and creation of diverse communities comprised of homes, townhouses and apartments, that are connected with convenient walkable sidewalks and bike paths, and are easily accessible to shops, restaurants, libraries, museums and rest-stop "parklets", schools and more.

Large and mid-size cities are transforming streets, sidewalks , parking lots and pavements into accessible and enjoyable places to live as people rely less on cars and more on trains and alternative transportation.

Ultimately, connecting neighborhoods with services and conveniences, coupled with a growing commitment to reduce consumption of natural resources, (reuse, renew and repurpose) is helping us all to connect with nature, and each other.

Now if only we all could "fly" like the caped crusader... Hmm.

Credit for the pics are to (Haddonfield, NJ) and Pavement to Parks, Columbus Parklet, San Francisco.

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