Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homegrown #7 on LOHAS Key Insights

We love the LOHAS – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability - organization and have been following them for years. Approximately 19% percent of the adults in the U.S., or 41 million people, are currently considered LOHAS Consumers.

Its 2010 LOHAS Key Insights conducted by the Natural Markeing Institute has identified 10 major trends for sustainability and “homegrown” is #7!

Here are a few on it’s top 10 list.

2. Transparency 2.0 — It is clearer than ever that proof, certification, and transparency of sustainability are here to stay. With the impending finalization of the updated FTC Green Guides and questions raised of even the stalwarts of green seals, the risk of not certifying, or self-certifying,is even more apparent.

3. Blue Is The Next Green...Still? — The business community knows that access to clean, fresh water is an impending, if not already existing, environmental and humanitarian crisis (and also is creating business opportunities). While some consumers know this in theory, it does not yet seem to be resonating at any great levels of concern or behavior. Consumers remain mostly concerned about issues most proximate to their lives — until access to clean freshwater affects them directly, this dynamic may not change.

4. Trash To Treasure — The recession has made being practical second nature, and many consumers are turning trash to treasure. No longer do we rush to cast away things we haven’t used in many years, or those that have minor bumps and bruises. Mending, repairing, bartering, reselling, and other similar practices have become second nature to many consumers. (Or making Felder Rushing's famous bottle trees!)

6. Strength In The Middle — Mainstream America is increasing its green behavior – another sign that sustainability has crossed the tipping point. As being sustainable becomes more accessible, more moderately-minded consumers get involved. Growth in behaviors is coming from the middle — LOHAS consumers remain the most committed, but are already doing most things green.

7. Homegrown — Consumers persist in taking matters into their own hands — they are planting gardens, canning, sewing, knitting and other such things to save money and be more independent. The role of locally grown and produced is also becoming more entrenched in society as we recognize the benefits of keeping dollars invested in our local communities.

Go to more sustainable treasures at LOHAS Forum Insights.

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