Monday, November 29, 2010

Forcing Spring for the Holidays

Every year my sister Judy tells me about her forced paper whites.

It's not that this is a new idea for me. I just haven't done it in years. In the past, it's been disappointing because the beautiful long narcissus always flopped over and looked messy. Or I buy the ingredients and never get around to it!

Not this year. Judy has discoverd that if you plant the pre-forced bulbs in long vases -- that you can pick up in various sizes and shapes at TJ Maxx for a song -- they will grow tall and peak their heads out the top. No flopping! All gorgeous and delicious.

Put them a top about 3" of colored glass you can get at a craft store, tie it with a big ribbon, and it makes a very dramatic effect.

If you only have a shorter container, Lloyd Traven of Peace Tree Farm, the "king of cool plants", swears by vodka. He says, "If you water them once with vodka, they will stay much shorter and sturdier----not kidding. Actual research."

Now the next step is to get these beauties delivered. One down. Seven to go. They're already sprouting roots!

Now Stacey and I are off to the Martha Stewart Show tomorrow with Lloyd decorating Martha's set for the holidays.

Happy Spring - a little early.
Suzi GMG

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