Friday, October 29, 2010

In Honor of Halloween...WICKED PLANTS!

Since Halloween is just around the corner (BOO!) I was thinking of how I could combine the scariness of Halloween with the beauty of horticulture...and I think I found the perfect video from our friend Amy Stewart, author of Wicked Plants! Watch and don't be to scared...ENJOY!



Unknown said...

Love your blog posting. Peggy was bragging about it. Amy Stewart in black and white talkning about wicked plants on Halloween. Brilliant.

Authentic Haven Brand said...

Love the #VIDEO POST! Even scarier thought, what happens when these plant trimmings are discarded at the local Green waste compost center? All gardeners need to know just because it's organic matter does not mean it's safe organic material to be added to your garden soil.

Thank you for the wonderful video on Toxic plants.

Annie Haven
Authentic Haven Brand
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