Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Growing Up!

Green walls. Vertical gardens. From vines and veggies growing upward from containers to vertical walls blooming with edibles, it seems everywhere you look, people are experimenting with vertical gardening.

Urban apartments are decorated with walls blooming with the savory aromas of rosemary, thyme and basil. Vivid "living walls" display lush green foliage that refreshes the senses. Vertical gardens are showing up in offices, shops and even restaurants.

Joe Zazzera, with Plant Solutions, Inc. and Green Plants for Green Buildings ( remarks that..."Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular and will grow far beyond anything we can envision."

Here in PA, Longwood Gardens is displaying the world's largest living indoor wall as a permanent installation. Peggy snapped a photo. Wow. Breathtaking. All this beauty and as a bonus-- cleaner air, too!




Rhonda said...

Has it been compared to the indoor living green wall I saw at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle this summer? I can't tell from the photo if they are similar in size.

Leslie Lim said...

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