Monday, October 18, 2010

GMG 2011 Garden Trends - Gardening with a Purpose

Put your gloves on and join the fun because ‘gardening with a purpose’ is taking root.

The purpose may be to grow your own food or creating a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat with American Beauties, planting for a greener good is changing neighborhoods and communities - one garden at a time.

As backyard conservationists, gardeners are transforming yards, gardens, rooftops and even urban alleys into green and productive spaces, knowing they are making a positive impact.

This new solidago shortii ‘Solar Cascade,’ exclusively from North Creek Nurseries, is part of The American Beauties™ Native Plant collection. The golden arches create a fabulous mass planting of low-maintenance plants that attract wildlife and beneficial pollinators like butterflies, bees and birds.

We all are "Mother Earth's caretakers" and need to work together to rejuvenate, regenerate and restore our plant. Choosing eco-friendly products over toxic chemicals is a pro-active step to making our world cleaner and greener.
Click here to view the GMG 2011 Garden Trends Report.

Now get out in the garden and make a difference!


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