Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going Local

Summer's winding down but there's still harvesting fun to be had at your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's) - if you know where to look.

Voila! Check out a very cool local food website directory local harvest of small farms and farmers markets and other sustainable grown food. The organization promotes organic agriculture and provides a national listing of CSA's (with an interactive map) for your neck of the woods.
I was particularly drawn to the 'Arc of Taste' Project on the site that's partnering with Slow Foods USA. They're documenting rare breeds of produce in danger of disappearing!

What I truly appreciate is the ease of locating CSA's not far from me. Definitely need to join!


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Stephanie from said...

I'd like to find one of these nearby. I get organic farm fresh eggs delivered, grow much of my own veg, buy fish from the docks and meat from an organic bucher. It would be great to share in some plentiful harvests though!