Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Ever wonder where the term 'dog days of summer' originated? Well, since most of the country has been withering under punishing, steamy heat these past few months, it's not just our furry companions- dogs- that have been seeking refuge from relentless heat and humidity.

Wikipedia references 'dog days' from the ancient Roman belief that the star Sirius, (Dog Star) was considered the brightest star in the heavens (next to our sun) and positioned in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). Since Sirius was in close proximity to our sun, voila! - the "Dog Star" had to be the sultry weather culprit.

The Romans believed the 'Dog Days' commenced around July 24th through August 24th, but this summer is feeling like their oracles sure got it wrong.

Well, one of our our doggie mascots, Nigel, (Karen's handsome Cavalier King Charles and brother to Godiva, a gorgeous Chocolate Lab) is sniffing out the problem and taking charge of weather prognostications. When his ears rise in unison, the weather is gonna be just fine (but oh- that also happens when I feed him cereal with berries!) Hmm.

Hey! Nigel is defending all dogs that have taken a bad rap for thousands of years. The gauntlet (or tail, in his case) is down... no more "dog days of summer." Let's call these scorching days, the "scorpion days of summer!" Works for Nigel! ~ Lynne

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Gabby said...

So relevant and true especially down south!