Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Buggy

Did you know that you can order ladybugs online? I had no idea! Ladybugs are actually a good thing to have in your garden since they eat up all those bad bugs.

Our good friend William Moss distinguishes the good bugs from the bad bugs and shares his tips on controlling pests this summer. Check out his segment on the CBS Early Show.

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Unknown said...

I love gardens & lawns but at times got scared of the insects they develop. Lucky to have palmers "exterminators" in command & would refer their services to everyone here in Miami. One could keep & enjoy the gardens, only if they've a professional pest control / exterminator in contact.

Unknown said...

Thats nice and all but I don't want them in my house! We get infested starting every spring and throughout the summer, covering our windows, living in all our lights and climbing all over our walls. How do I trap them and get rid of them for good?

kmdubow said...

Julie- thank you for your comment, here is some good info about ladybugs and how to keep them out of the hosue from HGTV Gardens: