Monday, May 24, 2010

Protect Your Garden Investment from Unwanted Guests - Deer & Rabbits

I asked Justin Hancock of BH& where deer and rabbit fit in in terms of garden problems, and he replied without hesitation, "Top three!"

I know they are a problem in my yard on Fawn Lane just off Deer Path, but I didn't know it was "top three"! I have planted literally thousands of dollars worth of shrubs and perennials only to awake a week later and find them nubs of twigs and sticks. The deer have sucked all the vegetation off the little shrublings.

Not only has it cost me tons of money each year searching for those mostly deer resistent plants, having them installed and then caring for them, but the frustration is painful. The deer seem to be getting more plentiful and much more bold, looking at me with the come hither, "Who me?" look. They cruise the neighborhood looking for their next meal.

The best protection out there, of course, is Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit or, for really hungry baby rabbits, extreme rabbit problems try Dual Action Rabbit repellents. Spray entire vegetabel or herb plants and ornamental shrubs once a month or after a very heavy rain. The ingredients are EPA exempt and environmentally friendly.
Remember, one deer eats 10 pounds of food a night. Imagine that your garden.
Want them to by-pass your buffet?Spray today to protect tonight.


Kylee Baumle said...

Suzi, though we'd never had problems with deer eating in our gardens, we also had never seen them come close in recent years. They're here, in numbers, but never had been a garden problem. Until this year. We found tracks IN the garden this winter and again this spring. We saw tracks behind the garden in the field and knew it was just a matter of time before they would destroy our gardens that border the field. So the day after we saw the deer themselves within 25 feet of it, I headed out to buy Liquid Fence. Though it smells like...oh, I'll private message that to you...I am thrilled to tell you that we've not seen a single deer since we applied it. Not even TRACKS. They're still around, because we see their tracks in the field way back by the creek, but NONE even close to our garden anymore. Liquid Fence saved my garden and continues to do so!

Oh, and once the Liquid Fence dried, we couldn't smell it at all. But the deer obviously can. ;-)

Scarecrow Motion Sprinkler said...

The only thing that worked for me to get rid of deer, rabbits, etc. was the Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler. You can find it at this website You'll never have to worry about animals in your yard and landscaping again. Take care.

Dana said...

We haven't even planted yet and we have piles of deer poo and fresh tracks regularly in our plot. This could be an interesting year.