Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fire Up the Grill!

Memorial Day is sneaking up on us as well as Father's Day! With the warmer weather we're firing up the grills and enjoying barbeque's, picnics, camping, and outdoor fun.

But when you get set to enjoy baseball and juicy burgers, make sure you and your guests are armed with a good insect repellent or you'll likely be batting more than baseballs!

Great tip time: Before these nasty bugs ruin your party and fun, and your friends and family are heading indoors, try this new repellent that's all-natural and works without harsh chemicals.

Just spray Liquid Fence's Yard Net Lawn & Yard Insect Repellent around your yard to create an invisible barrier from biting insects. The botanical formula is pleasantly scented and keeps the bugs at bay! And it's safe around children and pets. You can spray your entire yard or just a small area, to create an extremely effective insect barrier that lasts for over 24 hours!(You're gonna thank us for this one!)

And when you're out and about, walking in parks or camping, make sure you have an all-natural insect repellent that is non-greasy, DEET-free and works! We love Liquid Fence's Liquid Net- The Ultimate Insect Repellent because it keeps biting insects away-- even the 10 pound mosquitoes in the Amazon! It's made with botanical oils and kid safe, pleasantly scented, and guaranteed to work. Gotta love it! Look for these great insect repellents at any garden center and big store retailer or go to

So get out your lawn chairs and fire up the grill and well, save a burger for me... (but great burger recipes is for another blog!) - Lynne

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