Wednesday, April 28, 2010

O2 For You Hits the Big Time!

Woo Hoo! Good Morning America!! We are so thrilled that our very own Mark Highland, the Organic Mechanic, was on GMA this morning to chat about the amazing role indoor plants play to help filter toxins and CO2 - and give back fresh air!

The segment showcased plants that help filter nasty volatile organic compounds (VOC's) emitted from tobacco, carpets, paints, printers, and common household cleaning products.

From the all-around clean-machine, the Peace lily (that cleans a broad range of toxins) to ferns and more, indoor plants are a natural solution to indoor pollution!

So cheers and hats off to Costa Farms - for their terrific 'O2 For You' public service campaign, the hard-working girls at GMG, and to Mark Highland, for a super segment that brings the message clearly home! :)

Check out the segment here on GMA!


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