Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got pets? Show 'em love by using an all-natural insect repellent!

Well, warm weather has arrived with lush green yards returning, tulips and daffodils blooming, and... yep... you guessed it... nasty biting insects soon to come. As soon as the temps rise, fleas and ticks emerge, and the battle to protect our pets begins.

As pet owners here at GMG, we love this all-natural safe and guaranteed repellent that naturally protects your cats, dogs, puppies and kittens from biting insects -without exposing them to dangerous chemicals. We've used Liquid Fence's Liquid Net for Pets on our own pets (Tracey's 'Nala' posing for us) and it works!

Instead of potentially dangerous chemicals, it's made with oils of botanicals. Liquid Net for Pets has been lab-tested and proven to be more or equally effective as typical off-the-shelf DEET solutions against fleas and ticks and biting insects like mosquitoes - and more.

What's really nifty is the new orbital sprayer that lets you spray upside-down for those hard-to-reach spots where ticks and fleas hide. It's won several industry awards and is available at stores throughout the country and on the web at

So do your pets (and yourself) a favor and give this a try to save them from the itch and annoyance of nasty insects. And enjoy walks in the parks, romping in the yard, running through the fields, hiking in the woods.... Wow. Song , please!

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sneha said...

agree.If you have a pet please take care of them.thanks for sharing a good blog.