Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easy Earth Day Eco-Tips

You don't have to compost your kitchen waste or pick bugs off plants by hand to help the environment. From the red carpet to your favorite garden shop, "green" products are making it easy to have a beautiful yard while being good stewards of the earth in your own back yard. We here at GMG have gathered 3 surprisingly simple solutions for going "green" this Earth Day.

1. Plant, Plant, Plant!

Try 'Going Native' in your garden!

Long before cultivated gardens existed native plants ruled. Mother Nature designed these plants to thrive in specific places in the wild. "Natives should rule the garden," says Dr. Allan Armitage, world-renowned breeder and author of Native Plants for North America. "You pick the right plant for the right spot, and it will thrive for years with little to no care - and with a positive impact on the environment."

According to Armitage, native plants are perfect for low maintenance, environmentally minded gardens. After the first year, native plants give more reward with less work for the homeowner. You don't need to water or fertilize, spray with harmful herbicides and pesticides to grow a beautiful garden.

You can find American Beauties Native Plants® in distinctive pots with fact-filled tags at your local garden center.

2. Start with Healthy Soil

Pesticides and fungicides aren't safe for people, pets or even the planet. Eliminate the need for harmful garden chemicals by pampering your plants with healthy, nutrient-rich soil from the get go.

Healthy soil, rich in minerals, nutrients and 'good bugs,' maximizes a plant's own healthy immune system to let it naturally resist pests and diseases. Look for organic potting soils like Organic Mechanics available at your local garden center.

3. Water Responsibly

If you don't need to water your plants as often, you'll save time and money. But more importantly, you conserve water and protect the environment.

Substitute older cultivars with new and improved varieties bred to drink responsibly. Updated versions of classic plants like The Knock Out® Family of shrub roses require much less water than older cultivars while still offering the same great look gardeners love. Plus they are available at garden centers nationwide.

Happy Earth Day!


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Chris said...

I'm with you on the tips! But composting everything in the kitchen does add an environmental point or two. ;-)