Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hope for Shade Gardeners!

For all you out there in shadyville, watching your little plantlings straining toward a patch of sunlight in your garden, take heart! You're going to love this Hosta from Briggs Nursery. Briggs introduces the coolest plants and grows them out as liners so you can have healthy, happy plants in any garden scene.

Shade? No worries. Hosta 'Trifecta' is a triple-crown winner with three distinct colors: green that softly fades to a pale yellowish-green, that fades to soft cream. Wow. So pretty! And unlike traditional hostas, 'Trifecta' is more compact so it can stand alone, making it ideal for edging shady borders. 'Trifecta' matures to 6" X 12 " so its a stunner in a nice compact package.
And did I mention the flowers? They're a pale lavendar color that compliment the striking tri-colored leaves. They bloom continually from mid-to-late summer so you can enjoy months of great color in shady spaces.

Best of all, it's drought tolerant, making this shady lady especially popular for everyone who has an eye toward sustainability and water conservation.

So shade gardeners... go out and plant with confidence... and enjoy this gem of a Hosta! ~Lynne

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