Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You're gonna love this white... and it's not snow!

Well... just about everyone throughout the USA (except for the lucky ones in Hawaii) have been digging, pushing & shoveling the white stuff.

Snow-- that magical, pristine and lovely-to-look-at but a pain to shovel stuff that's worn-out it's welcome. Around here we're all ready for the first signs of spring!

Speaking of spring planting: You're going to love the new white Hakonechloa macra FUBUKI 'Briform' from Briggs Nursery!"

This first white variegated Japanese Forest grass lives up to its name. 'FUBUKI' is Japanese for "snow storm" and this outstanding plant is certainly going to take the garden world by "storm!"

This never-before-seen white Hakonechloa lights up the shade and is perfect for shade gardeners and partial sun locations. And for even greater impact, as soon as the cooler autumn weather arrives, 'FUBUKI' reveals a stunning pink color among the blades.

This Zone 5 compact and mounding plant reaches 14" x 18" -- making it a perfect choice for beds, borders or grouped with 3-5 plants.

So when you're thinking spring "green" - don't shy away from white! (As long as it's FUBUKI, and not the cold slushy stuff.)


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