Monday, January 18, 2010

Outdoor Designer Doormats

Roll out the welcome mats with a knock-out first impression from Imports Unlimited. Available in February, Imports Unlimited is introducing eight new eye-catching doormat designs, brimming with personality and charm.

Known for their creative designs, brilliant art and clean graphics from prominent artists, Imports Unlimited’s eight new doormats are finely crafted works-of-art that are extra durable and welcoming.

“We want people to be inspired by these new designs and connect with the experience from each unique greeting,” says Eirini Kalafatides, president of Imports Unlimited.

The eight designs include a timely environmental message of “Save the Planet” simply stated against a blue-green world and Ghandi’s “Be the Change” credo in warm, earth tones.

Good luck will grace any doorway with the two-toned green “4 Leaf Clover” design and the dual “Public/Private” in vivid orange and black are bold and sassy.

From a retro “Tie Dye” mat swirling with eye-popping color to the fun-and-friendly animal print “Giraffe” that satisfies any animal lover, each design delivers an impressive experience.

“Our goal is to provide designs that resonate with people through powerful messages and superb artistry,” says Kalafatides.

Buyers who attended the Americasmart Gift & Home Furnishings Show in Atlanta this month got a sneak peek at the new doormat designs available in 18” X 30”, ¾ inch thick, hand-woven all- natural coco-fiber, decorated in richly colored fade resistant dyes.

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