Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cool Rhodies that you'll love!

Getting to that time of year when we all can use a little color in our lives. With crazy weather from LA to Philly, lots of you are looking through magazines and online favorite social media sites for suggestions on what's cool for landscapes and gardens this spring.

Well, here are some nifty hardy rhodies from Briggs Nursery, you're gonna love! Two new rhododendrons - ‘Polarnacht’ and ‘Trocadero’ - are making waves for their exceptional color, ease of care, and garden attributes.

You're gonna love the intense shades of the deep purple on the ‘Polarnacht’ variety and the great true red color of the ‘Trocadero.’

"Trocadero' is a stunner with a blazing saturated red color (that's a true red) that's usually difficult to find in cold hardy rhododendrons. It has large, vivid red trusses and shiny dark green foliage. It's a compact grower that will reach 3’ x 4’ in 10 years.
This new hybrid is hardy to Zone 5!

The other new introduction is Rhodoendron ‘Polarnacht’. Like the German word “nacht” or “night”, the blooms are such a rich deep, dark purple, that is so intense, it tricks the eye into seeing the color black -- as night.

The almost black buds come early, opening to ruffled purple blooms with spotted red throats.The blooms are held in trusses of 12-14. Among its great attributes, ‘Polarnacht’ is 3’ x 6’ in 10 years. It’s mid-to-late flowering season will reward you with deep, passionate color. The foliage stays extremely clean and is resistant to the typical purple foliage leaf spot.

Keep an eye out for this purple charmer and add drama in your garden landscape that's sure to bring oohs and ahhs. Perfect to Zone 6.

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Ameli said...

Thanks! Great to hear that ‘Polarnacht’ and ‘Trocadero’ are the flowers for this season. They really are beautiful. I was planing to Send Flowers to Indonesia to a friend, I think I'll order a bunch of these beauties :)