Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpieces from the Garden

Found these little centerpiece tips on Go Organic Gardening: Leave the tissue-paper turkey on the shelf at the craft store this year, and adorn the center of your Thanksgiving table with one of these centerpieces, instead.

Tree of Thanks
Go outside and find interesting branches and twigs. Fill a vase with them, and string a garland of small red beads throughout your “tree.” Make little tags by cutting off-white card stock into two inch squares, punch a hole in the top and thread a cranberry-colored ribbon through the hole. Place one at each table setting with a golf pencil. Before the meal, ask everyone to write something they are thankful for on their tag and tie it to the tree. During dessert, ask everyone to share their gratitudes.

Pumpkin Centerpiece
Hollow out a medium-sized pumpkin. Soak a piece of oasis foam in water until it is saturated and place it in the pumpkin. Cut greens from your yard and cover the foam to hide it. Divide a cash and carry bouquet from the grocery store and spear the plant stems into the foam. Instant arrangement!

Cranberries and Candles
Buy some in-expensive pillar candles and a shallow glass dish. Place the candles in the dish (or a candle in each dish if you are using several), and fill the dish with cranberries. Arrange the dishes artfully on the table. Light the candles during Thanksgiving Dinner and you’ll have a twinkling, cozy centerpiece.

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Lisa Bacon said...

I am not really into flower decorations but I think I can have decorations that way better than those in flowershops. It's about creativity.