Thursday, November 19, 2009

360 Orbital Sprayer Goes Where No Sprayer Has Gone Before

There’s a new sprayer in town that’s turning the garden industry on its head with its revolutionary design. By 2010, The Liquid Fence® Company’s industry-exclusive 360-degree orbital sprayer that works in any direction -- including upside-down -- will be available on all their all-natural animal repellent ready-to-use quarts.

Whether you need to spray hard-to-reach branches to keep Bambi at bay, or out-of-the-way cracks in your foundation to keep slithering snakes away, it’ll be a snap with this new 360-degree orbital sprayer!

Best of all, the sprayer’s unique design solves the age-old problem of “how do you spray that last half inch of liquid left in the bottle?” With the new orbital sprayer there’s no waste – you can spray every last drop – a real money-saver!

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