Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got poo?

Dirt Du Jour, one of my favorite garden newsletters out of Southern California, just did this little piece on CowPots.

"Dairy farmers Matt and Ben Freund wanted to figure out how to manage the manure pollution on their farm. A methane gas digester did the trick, but there was a by-product from that process - a solid, weed-free cardboard-like pulp. CowPots were born.

Great if you like to start your seeds indoors, but the bigger goal is to get the nursery industry to make the switch to something organic and compostable. The way they see it, reducing pollution, creating a product from a byproduct, and getting plant propagators to use CowPots completes the recycling circle.

And we all know the nursery industry could stand to get a little greener. Home growers can find out about CowPots here. Nurseries and growers can click here. "

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