Friday, October 02, 2009

Frost Countdown. What's Your Date with Jack?

I can’t believe summer’s over and we’re watching the weather reports for the first “freeze warning” signs. We could have frost hear as early as October 10!

Normally I would be panicking, but now, while everyone else is playing the guessing game as to when the first frost will occur, I’m using the brand new FreezePruf. It’s just been introduced and works like “anti-freeze for plants” to help plants survive hard freeze. It's like moving your entire landscape 200 miles further south -- up to 9 degrees colder.

Check out this interview with Dr. Dave Francko, Univ. of Alabama (Watch video: Science Daily).

No matter what you’re growing, you could use a little more time this season. Find your frost date by just Googling city or the biggest city near you.

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