Monday, October 19, 2009

Breaking News! FreezePruf Protects Mature Fruit from Frost

BREAKING NEWS! Botanists at the University of Alabama discovers spraying FreezePruf significantly lowers the damage caused by freezing temperatures to ripe, mature strawberries, tomatoes, and bananas.

Here are the results and photos directly from developer Dr. Dave Francko:

"Tomato (California): Treated for 2 h at 25 F. In controls 24 h after cold treatment, 3 of 4 tomatoes showed translucent skin and 2 of 4 had cracked skins. The attached vine material was killed. In FreezePruf treated fruit, all three tomatoes were undamaged and the attached vines were still green and alive. NOTE: You need to magnify to see the epidermal cracks and translucent skin.

Strawberries (California): Cold-treated for 2 h at 25 F, then incubated at room temp for 24 h. In controls, 4 of 5 berries mushy 24 h after cold treatment, with significant “bleeding” of juices. With FreezePruf treatment the night before cold exposure, results after 24 h exactly match those of non-cold-treated controls - - 1 mushy berry and some minor bleeding after 24 h at room temp.

Bananas: At 26 F for 2 h, control banana shows blackening at the petiole attachment point, while the +FreezePruf is undamaged. At 25 F for 2 hours, the controls show major damage, with 1 of the 2 banana probably unsalable. With FreezePruf the damage was much reduced and resembled typical “ripening” coloration.

"Hope these new data brighten everyone’s day. No, we have not tested every fruit type, but we now have a solid basis for a new claim that FreezePruf will in fact add a measure of protection to mature fruit and, at least in the case of tomatoes, the attached vine tissue that supports the fruit," concluded Dr. Dave Francko.

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