Tuesday, September 01, 2009

National Indoor Gardening Day

Did you know that a houseplant is a very effecient natural air purifier? In the beginning, our earth was filled with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and was unable to support life of any form. Then along came little tiny algae and life began.

Since then, plants have performed a vital role in keeping our planet and all other forms of life, happy and healthy – and alive!

According to NASA, certain house plants, like palms, peace lilies, can filter up to 87% of those VOCs from the very air you breathe.

Her are just a few Houseplants with A Purpose:

If you’re still smoking, have detergents, synthetic fibers or rubber products around your house, you need a peace lily, dracaena, Gerber daisy, ivy, chrysanthemum, or Chinese evergreen to absorb the harmful benzene, an organic chemical compound and a known carcinogen -- from the air.

Have dry cleaning handing in your closet; just painted a room, or anything glued together, put a peace lily, mum or gerber daisy in the room to filter the harmful trichloroethylene toxins.
All plants return 97% of the water we give them back into the air, so water loving plants like Boston ferns, peace lilies, bamboo palms, yellow or butterfly palms, and dracaenas, help raise humidity levels. Perfect as we age and our skin gets dry.

For more facts and tips, visit O2 for You Houseplants with a purpose.


Anonymous said...

whos that good looking model in the picture!?

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

Maybe in a year, but I should return to indoor gardening like years ago. Lately, I stayed in a home near the redwoods, and the folks had some nice indoor plants. That was inspiring and reminded me of my days in that hobby. Used to have about 100 plants. And indoor landscape garden.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon

Beaverton / Portland