Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taking Back the Land for the Greener Good

Margie Grace, owner and head designer at Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, CA, tells us on the launch of Zester Daily that we need to liberate our land and create something new that’s just right for each of us.

In her op-ed piece she says: "We’ve been trapped in our self-made residential land use nightmare. We may not be able to un-grid the gridding of America, but we don’t have to take it lying down.

It’s time to reclaim our land for our greater good. Take that food-producing garden from the back 40 and put it wherever we want. Reunite the ornamental with the edible—roses beside tomatoes, corn anchored by geraniums, azaleas under grapevines.

Ten years back, I ditched the lawn and planted an ornamental garden. Then added fruits and veggies. Who knew what would ensue when I planted those proverbial seeds?

These days, I park my car and decompress, wandering along the edge of the driveway futzing with flowers, popping a few snap peas and tomatoes into my mouth, watering my corn-in-a-planter, returning to sanity before I go inside.

Do it your way, I say. My veggies are in pots because, darn it, past age 50 all that bending and stooping is no fun. Maybe you like getting on your hands and knees to till the soil—go for it! Maybe you never grew a thing in your life. Here’s your chance to try. Plant a seed, see what grows."

Click here to read the entire column by Margie Grace, APLD Landscape Designer of the Year.

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