Friday, July 03, 2009

A True Test for Liquid Fence Yard Net!

We've been chatting up Liquid Fence's products here on the GMG blog for several months now and I really wanted to share the latest "WOW!!!! It really does work!" testimony.
Tuesday night (Jun 30) we celebrated my daughter's 15th birthday party with about 30 of her friends. We live in a rural area with a creek running through our property and mosquitoes LOVE our backyard!

An hour before the first guests were to arrive I remembered to grab the Liquid Fence Yard Net. I sprayed the area of the yard where I knew the teens would be hanging out. The first thing I have to say is the ease of use of the spray bottle. The bottle is pressurized and you literally just move in a back and forth motion over the area with a fine mist.

Once down on the ground there was virtually no odor to speak of. The guests arrived and we had a wonderful time well past 10 pm. Normally I'd have been eaten alive by the pesky mosquitoes as they usually snack on me within minutes of stepping out of my house. As we cleaned up and headed into the house I realized I had not one bite. Nothing! I was amazed and thrilled!

I picked up my daughter from another gathering last evening and as I stood in the foyer waiting for her to gather her belongings I was a late night snack for several mosquitoes and shared with the mother hosting the party of my experience and she is adding Liquid Fence Yard Net to her must have for party shopping list. I would recommend Liquid Fence Yard Net to EVERYONE hosting an outside event. I am even taking the bottle with me to the fireworks display this Saturday night! Here's to summer fun, wonderful barbecues and happy guests!


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