Friday, May 29, 2009

Backyard Barbeques & Univited Guests!

Hope you all had a terrific Memorial Day Weekend! My folks visited for our annual Memorial Day barbeque and I have to admit-- first year that the hamburgers didn't look like a substitute for a hockey puck!
Well, as we were piling in the food, lo and behold, univited guests arrived. And I'm not referring to the 2-legged kind. Mosquitoes were just gearing up for warfare (and us as vittles)- but thanks to a super insect repellent from Liquid Fence that's Deet-free and all-natural: Liquid Net 'The Ultimate Insect Repellent,' they did a U-turn. It really works and we appreciated those waning hours of sun and lazy conversation outdoors without swatting bugs! Enjoy your summer parties and backyard barbeques!- Lynne

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Barbecue Recipes said...

I'm going to have to try that. We don't have too many insect problems here where I live - but we have a whole militia of ants. They materialize as if from no where. I swear they have tiny transporters hidden in their mounds. Anyway, this might work....