Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On The Road with "O2 For You"

"On the road again..." Well, we're getting ready to head out to Boston Hospitals to donate hundreds of Peace Lilies to new moms on May 13th and 14th for the 2009 'Fresh Air Tour' with Costa Farms, the company with a BIG HEART! Their national public service campaign, "O2 For You-Houseplants with a Purpose" is educational in purpose, grassroots in nature.

Teaming up with non-profits, Costa hopes to educate folks about the health benefits of indoor plants - from providing us with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and nasty toxins like VOC's (volatile organic compounds) found in carpets, glues, and even printers- not to mention tobacco smoke!

Last Mothers Day, Costa Farms teamed up with Earth Day New York to deliver hundreds of gorgeous peace lilies to new moms in two prestigious NYC hospitals. We videotaped the event that can be viewed on this site and on Costa Farm's O2 for You website:
(BTW, the NYC video just won a Hermes Creative gold medal... woo-hoo!)

We continued the campaign in Philadelphia, teaming up with The Clean Air Council, to deliver hundreds of Peace Lilies to two world-class hospitals. Networks sent cameras and the footage was aired in NBC and ABC local affiliates for the 5:00 evening news. Very cool!

Costa continues their grass roots effort to reach out to youth at colleges to spread the message about the wonderful health benefits of indoor plants for their dorms and off-campus housing, with their "Ambassador Program."

We'll keep you posted about Boston! Then it's on to Chicago and Miami... Hey, Oprah, we're coming! :)

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Anonymous said...

That was such a fun day!!! O2 for you!