Thursday, April 16, 2009

Community Gardening with a purpose

Gardening is a community event at a local park here in Delaware County, PA. The folks over at Rose Tree Park have dedicated more than 130 individual plots of land to anyone who wants to get into gardening. But, the great thing about this is some gardens are set aside to benefit those in the community. The collective garden group has raised three hundred pounds of donations. The cool thing is when you drive by the plots of land you get a real lesson in gardening since every one brings a different "green thumb" style. Visit Rose Tree's Website. You can also catch a music concert this summer within a stone's throw of the gardens.


Marilyn said...

The link isn't to Rose Tree's website. I'm googling like crazy but cannot find information on how to get a plot at Rose Tree. Apparently it's a secret.

Unknown said...

I also am trying to sign up for 2019. Cant find the link!