Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Martha gives out CowPots for seed starters

We all know the GIY -- grow it yourself -- trend is booming. This morning Martha Stewart was talking about how growing your own vegetables is not only healthier, it's a great way to save money. She gave out CowPots to her audinece, touting them as "a fantastic new item made of composted cow manure, and they don't smell at all!

They were invented by two Connecticut dairy farmers and are an eco-friendly option for bumping up your seedlings. Plus, when you plant them in the ground, not only do they minimize root shock, but they add a healthy dose of nutrients to the soil giving the plants an added boost."

CowPots are distributed by The Liquid Fence Co. (http://www.liquidfence.com/) To get a jump start on the growing season. -- use Martha's seed-starting worksheet to schedule all your seed starting.


MA said...

Karen, didn't Domino mag fold?

Garden Media Group said...

Yes, unfortunately it did fold. The last issue was March and this gorgeous picture of terrain was in it!