Sunday, March 22, 2009

Farm in Your Yard

Always wanted a backyard veggie garden but don't know a petunia from a parsnip. Then here's a plan for you. The owners of Happy Cat Farm, Tim Mountz (terrain's nursery manager and tomato expert) and his wife Amy Bloom, have started a new venture with a twist: They come to your home and help you design, build and maintain your own veggie garden. Their approach is really cool. They meet with you to talk about what food you really like and would love to grow. Then they build a sustainable edible landscape for you, which they maintain weekly -- meaning they water, weed and harvest. When they're finished, they leave a box of produce from your own farm. If you want ot help, that's great. But you can do as much or as little as you want. (And you may want to protect your hard work so be sure to get some of the Liquid Fence Dual Action Rabbit Repellent we talked about earlier.) Tim or Amy are in Kennett Square and can be reached at Happy Cat Organics or call 610-217-7723. Or you meet Tim at terrain. To find a local harvest near you click CSA . Now if I only had sun! Suzi

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