Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Introducing: The triple-crown winner from Briggs

Another “first” for Briggs Nursery… and shade gardeners are the lucky ones! Briggs Nursery has a real winner with the first-ever tri-colored Hosta!

Called Hosta “Trifecta” – (just like winners for a triple crown event) - this stunner has three distinct colors: green that softly fades to pale, yellowish green, then fades to soft cream.

‘Trifecta’ is the offspring of Hosta ‘Little Sunspot,’ and, oh, the flowers! The flowers of this beauty are a pale lavender color and will bloom continually from mid to late summer so gardeners will have a true splash of color in shady spaces throughout their landscapes. And, this super winner forms a low mound and matures to a spectacular 6”X 12!”

Since sustainability and water conservation are in the forefront of many communities, Hosta ‘Trifecta’ is the perfect choice because it’s drought tolerant!

So enjoy your shady lady- and let us know how they look in your landscape!

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Travaldo said...

Hosta “Trifecta” is a nice addition to the selection of miniature Hostas. It has heart-shaped leaves, which feature three distinct colors, hence the name. The centers are white and are edged with an irregular streaky green border, and there are also golden splashes of color. It has attractive lavender flowers and so far has been a good grower.