Friday, October 31, 2008

Briggs Introduces the First Ever Pink Blueberry!

The first-ever ground-breaking blueberry cultivar that is going to rock the garden world is being introduced by Briggs Nursery for 2009. In a heavenly shade of pink, Vaccinium “Pink Lemonade is the first ever pink blueberry to be brought to market. “When you think pink lemonade it usually brings to mind a crisp refreshing taste and long summer days,” says Dave Jarzynka, president of Briggs.

Not anymore. “Our latest introduction of our new pink blueberry highbush is right in step with the growing consumer demand for small fruit bushes,” Jarzynka says, adding the nursery has seen an incredible demand for small fruit-bearing shrubs – especially blueberries. This is in line with the growing consumer trend for edible landscapes.

This new blueberry may be pink, but it’s as rich in anti-oxidants as its blue cousins. This deliciously fruity pink blueberry boasts mouth-watering flavor and good firmness, bearing fruit from May through October.

Pink Lemonade also offers four seasons of color, a must for today’s gardener. The pinkish-white showy flowers are bell-shaped in spring. The fruit are pale greenish at first, then dappled pink, and finally turning to deep pink on ripening. In fall, beautiful bright orange foliage fades to deep red fall, making this shrub a great choice for a colorful autumn garden. Wintertime twigs are dusky reddish-brown. Gardeners may choose to leave the fruit on the bush to encourage song birds and other wildlife in the garden.

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