Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Urban Outfitters Launches their 1st Lifestyle Store

America’s garden centers have just taken a giant leap in evolution.

Leading lifestyle retailer, Urban Outfitters opens its first garden and home store, terrain at Styer's, on Baltimore Pike in Concordville, PA.

Setting a new standard in garden retailing, terrain artfully marries home fashion and horticulture from around the world. More than a store, terrain promises to be a gardening experience savored by all the senses.

“We inspire people,” says Richard Hayne, chairman and founder of Urban Outfitters, and an avid tomato grower.” That’s what Urban and Anthropologie are known for. We want to excite people in a way that leads them to enjoy gardening as much as we do.”

“We’re bringing fashion outside the home,” says John Kinsella, managing director of terrain. “Our well edited collections span continents, offering elements of classic to contemporary concepts. We’re mixing influences from Europe, Asia and Africa with local artisan’s designs and products.”

According to Kinsella, the confluence of found objects “allows our guests to travel around the world, spanning cultures and generations. It’s like shopping in a world garden market.”

A Garden of Delights
At terrain, you stroll curvaceous pathways only to discover ‘ah- ha’ moments: A sculptured bathtub hand carved from one piece of stone from Indonesia, bubbling Zen fountains, sculptures and found artifacts and objects crafted from wood, stone, and metal blend into the delightful landscape. Stumble upon a hand-carved 300 year-old wooden doors from India; their twenty-foot height creating a dramatic entrance to one of many “garden rooms.”

Stroll into the attached 3,000 square feet of “plants under glass” and you’re greeted by a sumptuous array of indoor plants. Within the garden of delights is the 8,000 square foot Home and Décor center, or bask in the relaxed ambience of the 1,000 square foot greenhouse style café featuring delicious local fare, expertly prepared by a renowned chef.

True to the people who brought you the design innovations of the Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People, stores, terrain celebrates the beauty and abundance of nature while offering rare and contemporary décor for inside and outside the home.

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