Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Green Heroes...Silent and Always "Working"...

Thank a plant today. Silent and always “working,” these green heroes toil tirelessly to purify our environment and improve our lives, naturally cleansing the very air we breathe. And since most of us spend 90 percent of our lives inside, pay special attention to your indoor plants. They provide truly amazing health benefits.

Working 24/7, they filter the very air we breathe from common pollutants and continuously release oxygen and moisture in our homes and offices. Former NASA research scientist Dr. Bill Wolverton, author of “How to Grow Fresh Air” says, “Houseplants perform these essential functions with the same efficiency as the rainforest in our biosphere.” To maximize the health benefits and freshen the air in your home or office, he recommends at least one houseplant for every 100 square feet.

Green Is in the Air!
Our modern lives depend on technology, but ordinary products like paints, tobacco smoke, printer inks and even carpets hold hidden dangers that plants can help reduce. According Dr. Wolverton, plants improve air quality through their natural “filtering” ability. He discovered houseplants absorb up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), like ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene, found in many homes and offices. And certain indoor plants “clean” the air every 24 hrs! How? They absorb toxins into the root zone where they’re turned into nutrients. Some tropical plants actually suppress airborne mold. These green heroes just keep doing what comes naturally. Some of the hardest working plants are peace lilies, ferns, palms, and spider plants.
Get yourself an indoor plant and give yourself the gift of fresh air!


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