Monday, November 12, 2007

TIP: Use some Xeriscaping principles in the garden.

You may have heard about Xeriscaping from your friends who live in arid regions of the U.S. However, Xeriscaping is not just for those who live among cactus and sage brush. Xeriscaping simply means that you use water wisely in your garden and landscaping. Some concepts of Xeriscaping are: using efficient irrigation systems, using low-water use plants, reducing turfgrass, and creating thoughtful water-wise garden designs. Texas A&M has a great site about basic Xeriscaping principles.

From the Texas A&M site...Xeriscape landscaping incorporates seven basic principles which lead to saving water:

  • Planning and design

  • Soil analysis

  • Practical turf areas

  • Appropriate plant selection

  • Efficient irrigation

  • Use of mulches

  • Appropriate maintenance

By incorporating these seven principles, you can help preserve our most precious natural resource...water.

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