Monday, November 05, 2007

TIP: Fix water leaks in the bathroom, kitchen, landscaping, etc.

You know those tiny leaks you’ve been meaning to fix inside your house and in your landscaping? Guess what? That water loss adds up over time and can cost you big money. Not to mention all that wasted water! Protect our freshwater resources and save money by fixing those leaks!


Fugas de Agua said...

A radar is highly recommended if you think that the leak is coming from outside. It will help you find the exact point where the leak is and show you whether the problem is a small or large one.

alex said...

I had experience that paying a big amount without knowing where is the leak coming from.

Plumbing Repair

Dilbert Dooberry said...

Using a reputable firm is essential. Try to get a fixed price quote before you agree to the work. Some firms do not charge for call-outs, and one such firm in West London is Handymend.