Monday, October 01, 2007

GWA arrive in Oklahoma City

The 59th annual Garden Writers Association (GWA) Symposium was held in Oklahoma City 9/28-10/2. GWA is an organization that focuses in the communication of all things botanical, be it horticultural, gardening, or environmental. The overall goal of the non-profit organization is to provide a common ground in which garden professionals can communicate with one another, as well as provide leadership and educational opportunities for career development. (at right top, Suzi at the Hines Horticulture booth, bottom the Conard-Pyle/Knock Out Rose booth)

With over 1800 professionals in the lawn and garden industry, GWA provides the forum that is necessary for the members to interact directly, allowing the communication industry (writers, authors, photographers, television and radio, publishers, and landscape designers) to coalesce with the garden industry.

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