Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dreaming of a “Green” Christmas? Try Mini Christmas Trees from Costa Farms

Think green is just the traditional color of the holidays? Think again. This season it’s more than a color. It’s the hippest way to decorate while giving back to both your family and Mother Earth.

And the easiest, most festive way to be an earth-friendly elf is to decorate with a living Norfolk Island Pine. No live trees to cut down, no dead needles to clean up and no discarded tree to drag to the curb and overload the landfills.

“These living Christmas trees are inexpensive and eco-chic, all wrapped in one decorated package,” says Jose Smith, CEO of Costa Farms, one of the nation’s leading nurseries.

And since Christmas trees are one of the most popular traditions of the season, these miniature living trees present a variety of decorating and gift-giving options along with many green benefits.

But think small. According to Lynn Long from Southern Living, large living trees are “high-maintenance affairs, but these miniature versions are fun to decorate and have some definite advantages over their big, tall look-alikes.”

Easy to grow, Norfolk Island Pines make cheerful centerpieces during your holiday feast and add eco-flair to your home’s décor. A native of the South Pacific, the soft, compact needles and naturally symmetrical shape of the Norfolk Island Pine provide a charming backdrop for all your seasonal celebrations.

Small enough for a table-top display in the kitchen or hall or large enough to be the focal point of any room, they tuck nicely into tight spaces in apartments, dorm rooms, patios or cozy corners. After the holidays, untrim your mini tree and place it in a pretty pot and use as a house plant. With just a little care, your Norfolk Island Pine will reward you for many Christmases to come.

Decorating & Gift Giving Tips with Mini Trees
For a ‘green’ Christmas this year, check out these fun tips:

“Why not have a living tree in every room?” suggests Southern Living’s Long. “You can get creative and have some fun using your special collections of ornaments on different trees, either in one location or scattered throughout the house.”

Long suggests choosing a theme for each room, adding petite cooking utensils for the kitchen, candy canes in the den and lovely gold or silver ribbons entwined with flowers in the living room, all in colors that complement the room’s décor.

For a dramatic look, decorate three to five “themed” Norfolk Island Pines and set them on your dining table or mantel.

And don’t forget the children’s own little tree for their rooms. “Think of all the fun and memories you and your kids will have decorating the tree with hand-made paper decorations, candies, popcorn and small miniature lights,” says Long.

Norfolk Island Pines are perfect gifts for college students or apartment dwellers who want a touch of Christmas but don’t have space for a large tree.

Don’t know what to give your child’s teacher, your boss or hostess for that holiday party? Pick up either the 14” or 22” Norfolk Island Pine fully decorated with a gift tag.

Care Tips
Place the Norfolk Island Pine in an open, bright location such as on countertops, tabletops or in an office, but not in full sun. They prefer to be near a window but away from direct heat. Keep the soil moist but don’t let it dry out or stand in water. Feed with a complete balanced fertilizer every month.

As a house plant, the Norfolk Island Pine naturally filters the air and adds much needed moisture to a room, especially needed during the winter. It also absorbs and breaks down harmful pollutants, giving you and your family an extra Christmas gift -- a healthier and greener environment.

If you live where the temperature stays above 60 degrees, such as Zones 9 – 10, your Norfolk Island Pine tree can be planted in the landscape and loved for many years.

Available at neighborhood retailers, the 14” or 22” tall Norfolk Island Pines come fully decorated and ready for the party, or select the larger 44” tall tree and custom decorate it with your favorite ornaments.
This year go ‘green’ with a living Norfolk Island Pine and create lasting memories for you and your family. For more information or to find a retailer near you, visit

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