Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Real Simple Secrets for Selecting Outdoor Statuary

You’re not alone if you find that the piece of garden statuary that looked so elegant at the garden center just doesn’t seem to fit your garden back home.

A common mistake gardeners make when buying a piece of garden statuary is one of size and quantity, according to Peter C. Cilio, creative director of fine garden accessories for Campania International. “Purchasers tend to choose pieces that are just too small for their space or they overload their garden with too many pieces,” he says. “In garden statuary the guiding principle usually is that less is more.”

Here are some simple guidelines that will help you choose the perfect piece of statuary for your garden.

Keep It in Context According to Cilio, the most important consideration to keep in mind when choosing the right piece of statuary is the overall style of your home and garden. “Whether you have an urban, contemporary or country garden, the statuary you select should be compatible with the style and feeling of your house and garden,” he says. “Most likely, you wouldn’t place a classical statue in a contemporary-style garden. However, classical statuary makes wonderful features for a more traditional home or garden.” This is not to say that you can’t mix it up a little bit. There is always the opportunity for personal expression. Eclectic mixes of styles can create original and exciting garden compositions, but Cilio believes that this is most effectively accomplished by the gardener with a sure sense of his or her own personal style. Tres Fromme, planning and design specialist of Mesa Design Group in Dallas, suggests cutting a piece of statuary out of cardboard and placing it in different locations throughout your garden. “This will help you get a feel for where the piece looks its best,” says Fromme. “It will also give you some time to think about why you want to add an ornament to your garden setting.” Cilio suggests thinking about your garden as a blank wall in your living room. Before choosing what to hang on your living room wall, you take cues from the style of the room. Think of your garden in that context, from the size of the space to the arrangement of trees, shrubs and flowers. These will be the cues used to choose and place your garden statuary. READ MORE...

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