Friday, June 29, 2007

Visiting The Folger Library Elizabethan Garden

The Elizabethan Garden was designed by John Carl Webster and installed in 1988. The Garden contains as many of the elements of a typical Elizabethan formal garden as the constraints of space and maintenance allow.

The highlight of the garden is the raised knot garden whose pattern echoes design elements of the building (diamonds and triangles in the balcony rail and fence).

Here is Suzi with Dean Fosdick overlooking the Elizabethan Garden and enjoying listening to the sometimes funny history of the meanings of the plants and why and how they were used.

Mrs. Frances M. Owens was our very knowledgeable tour guide. She walked us through all of the elements of the garden and the meanings behind all of the plants used in Elizabethan times.

Holly was used to protect a house against witches and lightning. Lavender was quilted in a cap to comfort the brain and also worn in the hair to gain second sight to see ghosts. Thyme was planted in the garden to attract fairies, who lay their babies in thyme blossom cradles.

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