Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Organic Mechanics® Spotlighted in 'Green Profits' BuZZ

The 'BuZZ' is Green Profit's email newsletter to keep you informed with retail news from inside and outside the green industry. Bill Calkins, Editor of Green Profit, spoke with Mark Highland, President and Founder of Organic Mechanics...

...To some, the word “mechanic” triggers a sense of anger and frustration. Believe me, I understand. I had my truck in the shop yesterday for some front-end work and the bill was scary …. But when it comes to a new potting mix, Organic Mechanics, it means happy customers AND happy plants.

Green Profit columnist, perennial diva and all-around awesome lady Stephanie Cohen called a few weeks ago to tell me about the product and the dynamic, young entrepreneur who developed it. When Stephanie tells me to look into something, I do it, no questions asked. And when she reminded me she taught soil science and confirmed that this guy knows what he’s talking about, I made it a priority to call and find out more.

Mark Highland is the president and founder of Organic Mechanics (and a Florida Gator...), and for the past ten years he’s been working to develop a premium eco-friendly potting soil packaged for retail. This spring it’s available and has already been selling well in the Philly market and surrounding states. It’s an independent garden center line that’s also being picked up by Whole Foods (it’s currently in eight WF stores) and has created a lot of interest with organic farmers and municipalities working toward sustainability. Customer reaction has been great, according to Mark. “Organic Mechanics is a product that performs very well and is easy for customers to use. We’ve already had reorders this spring” he says.

So what makes it organic? First off, there’s no wetting agent. Mark explains that when you use the right types of compost and worm castings, there’s no need for a wetting agent. “The soil has great water absorption. The compost allows acceptance of water into the mix.” There is also no added chemical fertilizer of any type in the mix. Mark expects to receive OMRI certification for the product by this summer.

To learn more about Organic Mechanics Potting Soil, visit http://www.organicmechanicsoil.com/.

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