Monday, August 21, 2017

4 Reasons to Grow Yucca

Looking for something new to grow?

Yucca, with their clean, sharp edges, and simple look offer a trendy, modern appeal to decor. 

The fact that it is a very low maintenance plant and can be grown in almost all parts of the United States, give it an added appeal to beginner gardeners. 

For potential consumers who garden primarily for the healthy lifestyle, the plant offers a wide variety of homeopathic and household uses.

Learn four reasons why you should grow yucca today.

1. Hardy and Easy to Grow
Yuccas are attractive, low maintenance plants. They are also some of the most flexible plants when it comes to climate. They are drought tolerant as well, so the overall maintenance is low. They have wonderful versatility in where you can plant them as well. They thrive in the ground, and containers, both indoor and out. Although yuccas can grow to be quite large, the size is relatively easy to maintain as well.

2. Natural Air Purifier
Indoor air is often much more polluted than outdoor air. Air quality is extremely important to overall health so indoor plants, such as yucca, are a great option for a healthier lifestyle. There are many factors that contribute to indoor air pollution such as chemical cleaners and air fresheners. Learn more about cleaning indoor air at O2 For You.
Yuccas are a great plant for filtering out indoor air pollutants. That combined with how easy they are to care for, make them a popular choice for natural indoor air filtration.

Joint Pain and Inflammation
Joint pain caused by inflammation is a common health problem. However, many people cannot take over-the-counter NSAIDs for various reasons. Yucca roots, boiled for about half an hour and taken as tea, are a traditional Native American remedy that takes advantage of the steroidal properties of the plant to combat this problem. Roots are easy to harvest and dry as part of the pruning and dividing processes used to keep yuccas at a manageable size, so will be easy to integrate into a gardener’s life.

Soaps and Other Household Uses
In addition to its other desirable qualities, yucca leaves have antibacterial properties which make it an ideal natural alternative to other cleaners. You can make everything from soap, to general purpose household cleaners using yucca leaves.

So, if you are looking for a trendy, marketable plant to interest your regular consumers and attract new clientele, give yucca, and its multiple uses a try. 

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